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PHABLE tools, based on Eulitha's proprietary Displacement Talbot Lithography (DTL) technology, offer unparalleled high-resolution printing with a low-cost photolithography system. They overcome the limitations of diffraction in conventional lithography, enabling the printing of sub-micron periodic patterns with excellent quality. The non-contact exposures protect both the mask and wafer, while the patented focus-free imaging allows uniform printing on non-flat substrates and in thick resists.

The PhableX tool provides unprecedented ability to print high resolution periodic structures in a low-cost photolithography system. It is similar to a conventional mask-aligner where a photoresist coated wafer is put in proximity to a mask and exposed by a beam of UV light, but thanks to the breakthrough PHABLE exposure technology of Eulitha the resolution is no longer limited by undesired diffraction effects.

Structures such as sub-micron period linear gratings and 2D patterns such as hexagonal and square lattices are printed with high uniformity and fidelity.

The applications are almost unlimited including:

  • XR (AR/VR/MR)
  • Optoelectronics
  • Optical Components
  • Bio/Medical
  • Color/Visual Effect
More on PhableX.

PhableX, developed by Eultiha AG, is an introductory, manually operated photolithography tool tailored for high-volume printing of periodic patterns. With its overlay alignment capabilities, PhableX accommodates wafer sizes ranging from 100mm to 200mm. The tool provides customizable options to meet the specific demands of photonic applications. Notable features of PhableX include its non-contact operation, ensuring the safeguarding of masks and substrates against damage and contamination. Additionally, it facilitates cassette-to-cassette automatic wafer processing, enhancing operational efficiency. The system delivers highly uniform and reproducible printing outcomes, supporting both 1D and 2D periodic pattern printing. PhableX is compatible with non-flat and thin glass substrates, offering flexibility in substrate selection. It achieves precise and sharp printing with a high resolution of 60 nm half pitch and practically unlimited depth-of-focus. Utilizing UV and DUV lasers as light sources, the tool is equipped with automatic overlay alignment capability, streamlining the printing process.

PhableX is accompanied by comprehensive application support, encompassing photoresists and masks. It boasts low maintenance and production costs, positioning it as a cost-effective solution for diverse photolithography requirements.

Hexagonal lattice 1,5μm pillars, 3,0μm period
Hexagonal lattice 100nm holes, 600nm period
Hexagonal lattice 300nm pillars, 600nm period
Linear grating 50nm lines, 140nm period
Rhombic lattice 200nm holes, 400nm period
Square holes 500nm holes, 1000nm period
Square lattice 200nm holes, 400nm periodl
Variable fill-factor 300nm period
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